You are your own fat friend.

If you’ve gone through any kind of transformation, you realize you can get all kinds of attention when you post a before and after picture side by side. This is the equivalent of hanging out with your fat friend where you’ll always look better in comparison. I mean, you could look pretty good now, but you look really good standing next to your old self.

I did this today, and not only did it come with a slew of compliments, including one with a kissy face from my old trainer and friend that I’ve had a crush on for many years, but also a few underlying propositions for a no strings attached relationship.  One in particular is about 10 years younger than I am that I met through much older friends. I don’t care about the age,  but the association makes me feel weird. I felt bad telling him no. I would hate to put myself out there and get rejected. And the fella was very persistent.  But still, no.

As I go along I should probably include a little (or a lot) of backstory so my outlook on things is explained better. Two posts in a row seems promising, so so we’ll shoot for more tomorrow.